Jonah – Life on the run

Click here to listen to messages from our series,
“Jonah – Life on the run”.

In our current weekly series, we are looking at the story of Jonah. For the next 8 weeks we will be diving into the story and extracting the real points to take away from this incredible journey, Pastor Kristy Turner as always, does an amazing job of really digging deep into the message behind the story but portraying it in a relatable manner.


One Hit Wonders

Click here to listen to messages from our series, “One Hit Wonders”.

In our current series to kick off the New Year, we are looking at one hit wonders. Using music that was a music chart one and only hit, Pastor Kristy Turner will use this theme to reference a book in the bible that only has one chapter, yet is still a great hit with a powerful message.


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